Holiday Recordings

Welcome to WINTER BREAK!

We have just completed half of our school year. I can't believe how fast it has gone. I wish each of you a fantastic break with lots of rest and good times. I wanted to share with you some of our recording work.

First here is a link to Siren Sound's KOMU performance. It will show randomly after news boradcasts as well as a full concert on Christmas Eve @ 10:35pm 1,2 and 3am and Christamas Day 5am, 6am and noon.

CPS also does a recording of all high school music programs. Our sound clip is used as the introduction music! The CPS Holiday can be seen at the following times:

Saturday, December 19

1 pm- KZOU

1:30 pm- KZOU

2 pm -- KZOU

2:30 pm- KZOU

Sunday, December 20

1 pm- KMIZ

1:30 pm -- KMIZ

2 pm- KMIZ

2:30 pm- KMIZ

Thursday, December 24

9:30 pm -- KQFX (Combo Program)

Friday, December 25

5 am -- KMIZ

5:30 am -- KMIZ

6 am -- KMIZ

6:30 am -- KMIZ

7 am -- KQFX

7:30 am -- KQFX

8 am- KQFX

8:30 am - KQFX

Listen to the introduction music first! If you desire to forward straight to Battle Vocal Arts we are seen at 1:01:21 on the video.

Happy Holidays

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