Vocal Arts News 3-4

BATTALION @ CARTHAGE: Battalion recieved the following awards during the Carthage Soundfest: Best Ballad, Best Female Soloist (Lesli Woods), Best Combo and 1st in Class! Congrats on yet another successful compeititon.

CHORAL FESTIVAL MARCH 11th. We are hosting our 3rd Annual Choral Festival. We have over 15 Middle and High School choirs registered from all over North East Missouri. All of our volunteer spots have been filled, but we need a few more DONATED items. Take a look at this LINK!

QUINCY SHOWCASE OF EXCELLENCE is our final competition of the show choir season. Here is the schedule. If you did not get to make a compeition dont worry. The final show will be at home April 16th at our Taste of Broadway in the Performing Arts Center.

DISTRICT MUSIC is MARCH 19th. Several student have been preparing solos and ensmeble for District Music Festival. Please keep your calendar open on March 19th. I will forwrad the schedule as soon it's recieved from our coordinators.

CHICAGO question and answer meeting is schedule for Monday, April 4th. If you are going and have questions we will be in the Vocal Room A112 at 6pm. Please refer to our webpage for information before this date.

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