Vocal Arts News 8-26

What a great week! Thank you all for showing work ethic in my absence as our child was born. Thank you to the class leaders, the Vocal Arts League for running a meeting and the TA's for filling in all the spaces. We are operating like a family! The following

SIGN UP FOR ALL - DISTRICT CHOIR AUDITIONS by using this link.Deadline to sign up is next Friday at 4pm.

HANDBOOK/EMERGENCY/MEDIA FORM needs to be signed by student and family and soon as possible. Final due date is SEPTEMBER 7th. You will need this form to be turned in before you can do any traveling with Vocal Arts. Please turn in to Mrs. Vickie Samuel in A107. HANDBOOK HERE! FORM HERE!

WANT TO LEAD?! Look at the handbook and see if you'd like to run for class officer. We need a REP and a Secretary for each class.

ACAPELOOZA is coming up! We will take a trip to University of Missouri St. Louis in September. The trip is cost $10. Details to come!

VOICES LESSONS AT BATTLE will be available during certain times of the school day (mostly Spartan Time). Please e-mail Mr. Rucker jrucker@cpsk12.org if you'd like to be considered for lessons.

-------older announcements--------

STAY CONNECTED WITH REMIND: In addition to the e-mails, website, Twitter and Facebook group, we will provide updates and information through REMIND. Please go to the REMIND page to find out how to get connected.

CHECK YOUR CHARMS ACCOUNT Please do this ASAP. Click HERE for instructions. If you cannot log in please contact Mrs. Vickie Samuel: vsamuel@cpsk12.org

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