Vocal Arts News 9-8

Hello Vocal Arts Family,

We have had a rapid first month back and each group is starting to develop skills in music literacy as well as vocal performance. Our first concert is looking to be one that will stick with you for awhile! Thank you so much for allowing your students to sing with us...and students, thank you for your hard work, dedication and willingness to step outside your comfort zone. This year will be awesome!

Please see the following items. We have several needs and I'm hoping everyone will chip in in some way. We can't do it without the whole team!

Thank you,

Jazz Rucker

Director of Vocal Arts

DISTRICT CHOIR AUDITION NEEDS: We run concession to generate revenue for Vocal Arts. Please sign up to donate an item or time! CLICK HERE

CHARMS IS IMPORTANT update your information ASAP! CLICK HERE to learn how. If you do not recieve an e-mail from the charms system Friday, September 8th, please contact Mr. Rucker and/or update your profile ASAP.

WORK CONCESSIONS TO HELP VOCAL ARTS! When working in concessions or the spirit store, the organization that you are volunteering for will receive $30 per person as a share. Just CLICK HERE


TRIVIA NIGHT UPDATE from Ellen Flottman

Hello Vocal Arts parents!

By now you have received various communications from the Vocal Arts League president about events and fundraisers, including our Trivia Night on October 14. My name is Ellen Flottman, and I am the event chair for the Trivia Night.

Trivia Night raises can raise 3000 dollars or more to go toward costumes, choreographers, and so much more. It is an important part of our annual fundraising for the Vocal Arts Department. We can't let our kids down!

Here's what we need from you.

1. Come to Trivia Night! If you can put together a table (100 dollars for ten people, 80 if they are all students) or just come and play individually (15 dollars). It is a lot of fun! Bring your own snacks or enjoy ours! A registration form is attached (the "14th" mysteriously appears and disappears on this link).

2. Sell a table to a friend or colleague!

3. Help with food or decorations! Contact me or Tricia Kaufmann at vocalartsleague@gmail.com

4. Help with raffle baskets! Put together a basket yourself to auction off - it's fun to do. I'm going to go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and let my imagination roam a little bit. Or contact the raffle basket chair, Tina Sattler, through me or Tricia and help her put together baskets. This is a real need - Tina could use the help!

5. Find a round sponsor! If you own a small business or have a family/friend connection that would like the advertising, we will put up the sponsor's name all over the event that night, and thank them at every opportunity. Put them in touch with me or Tricia - a round is 250 to sponsor, or 500 dollars will have them called an event sponsor (bigger and better advertising around the room).

Please let us know what you can do!

Ellen Flottman

Event chair

David and Ellen Flottman deflottman@yahoo.com

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