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Vocal Arts News 10-8 CONCERT WEEK!

Hello All,

ALL-STATE AUDITION materials are on Schoology. Spartan Time rehearsals will start next week.

SWACDA AUDITIONS are due Tuesday!

TRIVIA NIGHT silent auction items are needed ASAP. Please bring an item to fit the theme of your class(es) basket:

Apollo: BBQ/Grilling Basket

Battalion: Date Night Basket

Siren Sound: Spa Basket

Voices of Sparta: Baking Basket

The rest of this post is about our concert!:


Tuesday - Voices of Sparta and Siren Sound

Wednesday - Apollo and Siren Sound

Thursday - ALL

Our Concert is THIS THURSDAY! Here is some important information:

6:00PM - CALL TIME (when you need to show up)

This is your time to change into concert attire. If you need more time, arrive earlier.

6:15PM - ATTENDANCE (by photograph)

We will run through our concert with our instrumentalist.

6:55PM - PRE-SET

You need to be in you seat set for the top of the concert.


FREE - no charge

Remember Lange and Oakland 6th Grade will go first

After the concert (around 8pm) remember to reset your concert attire!

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