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Vocal Arts News 12-1 (Battalion Issue)

Happy December Battalion Families,

Your students are making progress on the Battalion competitive show this season. We are almost completely choreographed and ready to clean! If you've not seen your child 'bust-a-move' at home ask them to show you what they've got!

This post is to provide several points of information about the season: costume needs, volunteer needs, meetings, competition culture and our very first BattleFest MARCH 3rd, 2018!!

COSTUME NEEDS were communicated in an e-mail and survey from Tricia Kaufmann ( if you missed it, here is the survey LINK.

BATTALION FAMILY MEETING will be at 6pm December 7th before the concert at FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Tricia Kaufmann will be there to answer any questions you have about the competitive season as well as address any lingering costume needs. Rachel Jones and the committee chairs will be there soliciting your help for BattleFest 2018. The sign up sheets will be available after the concert as well and later in this post!

PREMIER SHOW will be replacing the 'Open Rehearsal' this year. We are joining RBHS's City Light for the show choir premier January 11th @ 6:30pm and 8:30pm. This is a ticketed event ($8). If you are singed up to volunteer at BattleFest you will receive two COMPLIMENTARY tickets to the 8:30pm showing @ RBHS. If you are not signed up to volunteer for BattleFest by January 10th, you need additional tickets or you'd prefer to go to the 6:30pm showing, you may purchase an $8 ticket at RBHS Box Office prior to the show. Any tickets purchased by a Battle patron will be accounted for and we will receive the proceeds.

BATTLEFEST VOLUNTEER NEEDS are in this LINK! This is a live google document and whatever changes you make are seen by all. Please try to keep the page formatting the same and just add your information where you'd like to volunteer. WE NEED EVERYONE TO FILL THIS UP.

REMAINING SEASON SCHEDULE is posted here. Each rehearsal and performance is a part of your child's overall grade in this advance choral ensemble. Attendance so far as been close to perfect for most students this great and helps the team grow successful at a quicker rate. Please communicate conflict now so we can work on a solution.

THANK YOU TO BATTLEFEST COMMITTEE CHAIRS linked HERE. If you'd like to provide some assistance or have a connection that will support BattleFest please let me know. If you'd like to contact a committee chair directly, their e-mails are in the volunteer link.

BATTALION FAN CLUB GEAR will soon be available through a web link. I will send it out as soon as it is processed.

SHOW CHOIR CULTURE is a beast of it's own. If you've not seen it before, prepare yourself! Here is an example of a past year's agenda. These please take a look at it. These events are seriously ALL DAY (and night and sometimes a piece of the next day) EVENTS.


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