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Vocal Arts News 4-2

Welcome back from spring break!

VARSITY VOCALIST APPLICATION is HERE! If you believe you have participated enough to received a letter or bar please apply.

2017 SENIOR BOARD has started. Please submit this form so we can add your next steps!

2017-2018 VOCAL ARTS COUNCIL OFFICERS application here.

Congratulations Battle Vocal Arts Choirs!!!

State Large Ensemble Festival Ratings

Exemplary "I" Performance Rating



Outstanding "II" Performance Rating

Siren Sound

Exemplary "I" Sight Singing Rating


Siren Sound

Outstanding "II" Sight Singing Rating


District Solo/Small Ensemble Ratings

Exemplary "I" Ratings

Vocal Solos: De'Ajohn Hardy, Natalie McNeeley, Malone Simmons,

Isabel Fagre

Small Ensembles: Battle Men's Misc. (Jermon Lambert, Chris Baggs, De'Ajohn Hardy, James Hayes-Warren, Ian Graves, Gavin Cochran),

Battle Men's Double Quartet(Jermon Lambert, JaSharri Jennings, De'Ajohn Hardy, Marlin Allen, Tayus Jones, Ethan Miller, Chris Baggs, Gaving Cochran),

Battle Women's Double Quartet (Paige Flottman, Emily Madsen, Kirsten Sattler, Malone Simmons, Isabel Fagre, Evelyn Hodson, Emily Elsea, Aubrey Gatica)

Outstanding "II" Ratings

Vocal Solos: Carly Ochoa, Evelyn Hodson, Emily Elsea, Gavin Cochran, Kirsten Sattler, Paige Flottman, Victoria Franko, Mia Contreras, Aubrey Gatica

Small Ensembles: Battle Women's Misc. (Katherine Curry, Alyssa Harrison, Carly Ochoa, Delainey Brinegar, Nikyla Marteen)

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