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Vocal Arts News 5-3




Vocal Solo: Malone Simmons


Small Ensembles: Battle Men's Misc. (Jermon Lambert, Chris Baggs, De'Ajohn Hardy, James Hayes-Warren, Ian Graves, Gavin Cochran),

Battle Men's Double Quartet(Jermon Lambert, JaSharri Jennings, De'Ajohn Hardy, Marlin Allen, Tayus Jones, Ethan Miller, Chris Baggs, Gaving Cochran),

GOLD (highest honor!)

Vocal Solos: De'Ajohn Hardy, Natalie McNeeley, Isabel Fagre

Small Ensembles: Battle Women's Double Quartet (Paige Flottman, Emily Madsen, Kirsten Sattler, Malone Simmons, Isabel Fagre, Evelyn Hodson, Emily Elsea, Aubrey Gatica)

CONCERT NEXT WEEK! Singers need to be in the PAC ready by 6pm!

Spartan Time Rehearsals

Tuesday - Apollo and Siren Sound

Wednesday - Voices of Sparta and Siren Sound

Thursday - All

IOWA WESLEYAN CHOIR is visiting May 7th for a choral exchange. All Vocal Arts students are welcome to join us in A112 at 1pm.


Hello All,

On May 10th at 7pm, Battle Vocal Arts is presenting, “For the Dream.” A concert to honor the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are celebrating the mission of Dr. King as this is the 50 anniversary of his assassination. We need your help for a portion of the concert. Come and sing I Choose Love with us to symbolize the vision of unity. The link below leads you to a folder with the sheet music and recordings to help you with the learning process. Select a voice part you will feel comfortable singing. If you need assistance with this I am happy to help. Then join us on the song for the concert! ALL ARE INVITED!


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