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Musical Auditions a Success!

Congratulations to the following cast members for the upcoming musical, Disney's Beauty and the Beast!!

Belle- Kayli L

Beast - Gabe W-M

Gaston - Gavin C

Lefou- Amariah T-W

D’Arque- Marlin A

Lumiere- Jermon L

Cogsworth- De’Ajohn

Babette- Natalie M

Wardrobe- Katherine C

Maurice- Ian G

Mrs. Potts- Emma M

Chip- Carter M

Silly Girls:

Addisyn C

Onna N

Felicity S

Madison C


Isabelle S

Jenna P

Sydney J


Cat L

Aidan R

Lauren W

Mother- Delaney B

Bookseller: Laura K

Baker: Colton O

Aristocratic Lady: Kiersten H

Fish Man: Makayla V

Egg Man: James HW

Sausage Curl Girl: Alissa P

Lady w/ Babies: Carly O

Candle Man: Audrey S

Hat Seller: Jay F

Milkmaid: Dalona B

Shepherd Boy: Lexi C

Lady w/ Cane: Evelyn H


Kira G

Alyssa T

Elejah MH

Halle C

Chrishonaye C

Ema H

Ada C

Jasmine G

Isabel M

Angelina P

Elijah F

Jaylie E

Mycah R

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